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You know those action movies where the sexy spy girl pulls a knife out of a secret holster strapped to her leg? That's me except the knife is a pen and some paper and I'm not a sexy spy girl.

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Comments (11)

fUCK yeah man, keep doing you. your art style is AWESOME.

draw & jerk 24/7.

Will do! Thanks man.

From one webcomic-er to another, good luck!

Thank you! I appreciate the support.

Yo, your art style is PERFECT for a cool webcomic. I'm still trying to get a damn style down to make one myself. You should share your ideas!

Thanks man! I have tried to develop an appealing art style suitable for quick production. And about my ideas, I'm thinking I might do exactly that.

Look forward to your webcomic keep us all posted ^^.

Kind regards,


Thanks. Will do!

Glad to see you're interested in it.

Dude woaaaah. You could totally do that. Whatever you cook up, I'll read! :D

And I feel ya, I kinda just make whatever. It's a little frustrating to be honest.

I USED to like comics...I made a lot when I was younger but I stopped.

UGH. I shouldn't have stopped...Now I feel like I can't even begin doing that again.

Yeah, I know how you feel. I attempted to create a comic a long time ago but gave up. Feels weird getting back at it.

Thank you so much btw! I appreciate your interest.

Congrats on being User of the Day!

Thank you! Feels weird being put in kind of a spotlight.

I'm just glad that recently it seems that users who are actually active are getting to be UOTD, haha. I know it's all randomly generated, but still.

Are non-active users usually user of the day?

A lot of the time, yeah.

I took a quick look through your art and you've definitely got enough variety and quality in there to make a quality webcomic. I mean the hardest thing is getting started, you've got nothing to lose but time. I mean I used to read this http://darkencomic.com/?webcomic_post=20031216 start to finish refreshing for updates every day, and the art isn't even as good as yours by the end of it. Just gotta put yourself out there.

Wow, thank you! And you're right too, starting it is really fucking hard, heh.

Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement!

Get off your mind.

Cool! :)